Advanced Assessment Methods for Nuclear Power Plant Safety


APAL will conduct three workshops and a final seminar during the project lifetime open to consortium partners, students, members of the Advisory Board and interested end-users such as NPP owners, suppliers and regulatory bodies.

Advanced workshop

The 'advanced workshop', based on a training programme developed in the second half of the project, will focus on advanced methods and LTO improvements for RPV integrity analyses with focus on pressurised thermal shock (PTS) loading. The intermediate progress made in the project will be made visible, regarding thermal-hydraulic best-estimate plus uncertainty analyses, as well as deterministic and probabilistic fracture mechanics analyses. This workshop will take place from 11th-12th May 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

State of the art workshop

During the 'state of the art workshop' experts provided an overview the procedures currently applied to the integrity assessment of RPVs subjected to PTS loading. Moreover, the current state of the art for LTO improvements was presented. The participants got familiar with ordinary software tools and methods (deterministic and probabilistic) used for thermal hydraulics and fracture mechanics calculations. The aim is a better understanding of the different steps of PTS assessment and their technical background. The basics of probabilistic, thermal hydraulics, system behaviour and fracture mechanics were taught in comprehensive lessons.This workshop took place from 30th-31st March 2022 in Switzerland.