Advanced Assessment Methods for Nuclear Power Plant Safety


  • Final Seminar

    17 Sep 2024 — 18 Sep 2024
    Paris, France
    In this final seminar , experts closely involved with APAL will present an overview of the four years project's progress. The final seminar will offer a concise summary of the advanced deterministic and probabilistic integrity analyses of RPVs under pressurized thermal shock (PTS) loading. Emphasis will be placed on the insights gained throughout the project, encapsulating valuable lessons learned.
  • End-user workshop

    14 May 2024 — 15 May 2024
    Warsaw, Poland
    The end-user workshop will inform potential users, such as nuclear power plant owners, suppliers, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders, to foster discussions, and collect feedback to refine a best-practice guide for the deterministic and probabilistic assessment of advanced Pressurized Thermal Shock (PTS) analysis for integrity assessment of RPVs.
  • Workshop «Advanced procedures for the integrity assessment of RPVs subjected to PTS loading»

    11 May 2023 — 12 May 2023
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    The workshop «Advanced procedures for the integrity assessment of RPVs subjected to PTS loading» is focused on advanced methods and LTO improvements for RPV integrity analyses under pressurized thermal shock (PTS) loading. The intermediate progress made in the APAL project will be presented.
  • Fifth International Conference on Nuclear Power Plant Life Management

    28 Nov 2022 — 02 Dec 2022
    Vienna, Austria
  • 4th ISPMNA (International Symposium on Probabilistic Methods for Nuclear Applications)

    01 Nov 2022 — 03 Nov 2022

    Presentations of the symposium will cover state-of-the-art developments of probabilistic methodologies in nuclear industry applications.

  • VVER 2022 8th International Conference

    10 Oct 2022 — 11 Oct 2022
    Řež, Czech Republic
    A meeting of experts from nuclear power plants with VVER reactors, representatives of regulatory bodies and authors of energy strategies, designers, fuel suppliers, maintenance and other services for units in operation.
  • State of the Art - Procedures currently applied to the integrity assessment of RPVs subjected to PTS loading

    30 Mar 2022 — 31 Mar 2022
    Online and in person (Villigen, Switzerland) hosted by Paul Scherrer Institute
    This first APAL workshop presents the outcomes of the first year of project activities. To this end, experts will give an overview on the procedures currently applied to the integrity assessment of Reactor Pressure Vessels (RPVs) subjected to Pressurized Thermal Shock (PTS) loading.