Advanced Assessment Methods for Nuclear Power Plant Safety

Launch of EU Research Project APAL: Improving Nuclear Power Plant Safety in Europe

14 partners collaborate to advance safety assessment methods in the EU

Nuclear safety assessment tools are reaching their limits in demonstrating the safe long-term operation (LTO) of nuclear power plants. The new EU-funded project APAL (Advanced PTS Analysis for LTO) addresses these issues through the expertise of its international, multidisciplinary partners. The project strives to improve the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) integrity assessment methods for pressurised thermal shock (PTS) with the final goal of enhancing nuclear power plant safety which can contribute to safe LTO. The 14 partners aim to advance long-term operation by identifying possible improvements in the power plants’ hardware, software and procedures that can have an impact on PTS. Over the next four years, the project will receive EUR 4 million funding from the EU Horizon 2020 Euratom I programme.