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Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) has a long tradition of teaching nuclear power engineering (since 1959). WUT conducted several reactor safety analysis of the reactor VVER-440 in years 1980 – 1992. Nowadays, WUT is rebuilding its capabilities in Nuclear Engineering research. In years 2012 – 2014, WUT renewed its expertise in Reactor Safety Analysis by realizing the SARWUT project (Elaboration of methods for the safety analysis of PWRs and BWRs in case of transients, accidents and severe accidents). In years 2014-2015, research activities initialized in the SARWUT project in the field of reactor safety were continued in the framework of the INSPE project (Innovative Nuclear and Sustainable Power Engineering).

Since 2017, WUT is part of the H2020 Project NARSIS – New Approach to Reactor Safety Improvements’ consortium. WUT is leading one part of NPP Safety Analysis. It is responsible for Gen III PWR reactor severe accident and thermal-hydraulic models development and simulations with MELCOR2 and RELAP5 computer codes, together with a novel E-BEPU methodology application.

WUT will contribute to uncertainty analysis by model development and running the calculations in CATHARE 2, RELAP5 or TRACE, participate in the TH benchmark. WUT will take part in WP2, WP3, WP5 and WP6.

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Piotr Mazgaj
Piotr Mazgaj
Team Leader
Piotr Darnowski
Piotr Darnowski
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